Dhaka dengue passings up


Dengue sickness has begun taking a disturbing turn and making demise of two four individuals particularly minor youngsters at every medical clinic in the capital for most recent few days.

A sum of 633 dengue patients have been conceded into the Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) over the most recent three days. The quantity of patients conceded into Sir Salimullah Medical College Hospital for most recent three days was considerably more, sources said.

The rate of confirmation of dengue patients to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital is exceptionally disturbing, Brigadier Mohammad Nasir Uddin,

Director of Dhaka Medical College Hospital said.Zaher Maleque, the Minister for Health and Family Planning said that the quantity of dengue tainted patients will begin diminishing from mid of September toward the finish of the stormy seaon.

A few sources at DMCH disclosed to The Asian Age that there was no bed for dengue patients at old and new floors of the buildings.The World Health Organization (WHO) subsequent to directing a review said that dengue has been taking disturbing extents in the city making a fear among the patients and the doctors.

A few doctors at the Holy Family Red Crescent Hospital, Kurmitola Hospital,

Green Life Medical College Hospital, Dr Serajuddin Medical College Hospital,

Ad-commotion Hospital disclosed to The Asian Age that they didn’t see such surge of dengue patients over the most recent 10 years.

The doctors declined to remarks on the dengue probia as they were not permitted to make remark on it.Mayor Sayeed Khokon of Dhaka South City Corporation naming the dengue circumstance an open concern said that he had requested the specialists and different representatives of city enterprise to visit day by day at any rate 30 houses tainted by the dengue illness under DSCC. He relegated 68 medicinal groups under his purview to confront the circumstance.

An aggregate of 22,378 patients were given essential medicines at DSCC zones over the most recent five days. Agreeing the insights, a sum of 293 patients with dengue were conceded into DMCH on July 18, 237 on 19, 286 on 20 and 321 on 21.

As indicated by the measurements of the Health Emergency Operation Centers and Control room, a sum of 6,269 patients were admitted to the DHCH from First January till composing of the report the previous evening, 3956 to ICDDR’B and more than 7,375 admitted to the 78 private medical clinics and facilities in the city. A sum of 47 patients supposedly met with deplorable passing in the emergency clinics during the period.

As per the Control room of Director General (DG) of Health Services and the Director of Hospital and Disease Control of DGHS, the loss of life in the dengue infection is more than 79 at various centers and emergency clinics over most recent a half year. In any case, the private sources said that the figure of death might be double the official figure.

Conversing with The Asian Age, Mayor Sayeed Khokon said that he began crusade around two months sooner. Yet, he, in any case, neglected to give explanation about the insufficiency of the prescriptions used to kill the Aedes mosquitoes.

Teacher Dr Abul Kalam Azad, Director General and Professor Dr Nasima Sultana,

Additional Director General of Health Services said that the dengue circumstance isn’t comfortable.Health Minister Zaher Malique said that the two civic chairmen of DNCC and DSCC will deliver the city occupants to clarify the dengue hazard.

The civic chairmen said that they have been attempting to bring the dengue circumstance leveled out soon.


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