Jamuna imprints ascend in Sirajganj, 2 lakh marooned


Waters in the River Jamuna kept on ascending in Sirajganj region, leaving around two lakh individuals in five upazilas marooned.

Water level in the Jamuna River ascended by 8cm at Hard Point in most recent 24 hours and is streaming 99 centimeters over the threat level at Sirajganj point.

Around two lakh individuals stalled out at 950 towns in five upazilas of the locale.

An aggregate of 225 instructive establishments stayed shut because of the flood.

In the interim, two squares of Sirajganj town insurance bank slide in Hard Point zone on Thursday night, sending an influx of frenzy among the inhabitants.

The authorities of Water Development Board are attempting to spare the bank dumping squares and sandbags.

The experts concern asked the general population not to be terrified.

Water Resources Secretary Kabir-canister Anwar visited the Hard Point zone and others flood influenced zone in the locale Friday.

While visiting, he said every conceivable advance will be taken to ensure the lives and property of the town inhabitants from the disintegration by the Jamuna River.


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