Import ground-breaking medicine to kill Aedes mosquito, HC facilitates govt


Seeing that the present medicine isn’t amazing for getting rid of Aedes mosquito, which causes dengue fever, the High Court today guided the organization to import suitable medication to kill mosquito.

The court requested the administrations from the close-by government and nation improvement, prosperity and the directorate general of prosperity organizations to give each and every basic assistance to Dhaka two city associations to import amazing remedy for turning away the mosquito risk.

Passing on solicitation on a suomoto rule, the HC guided the specialists to ensure treatment to all dengue patients at all organization crisis facilities in Dhaka under outstanding strategies for 24 hours.

The court similarly mentioned that the organization make progress so an authority, not underneath the situation of accomplice instructor, screens the general condition relentless and whether the dengue patients are being treated with the extraordinary arrangement and to ensure that no dengue patient leaves restorative center without treatment.

The private medicinal centers moreover can consent to the commands on thoughtful ground, the HC seat of Justice Tariq Ul Hakim and Justice Md Shohrowardi said.

The seat in like manner asked the specialists to rapidly import satisfactory disclosure units for taking a gander at the dengue fever of the patients and to supply the packs at all the therapeutic centers the country over.

The court said it will hold hearing on the issue after its resuscitating as the court will go for an Eid make tracks in an opposite direction from tomorrow and will restore on August 18.


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