Govt to secure rice clearly from farmers from next season


Agriculture Minister Dr Abdur Razzak today said the organization will acquire rice authentically from farmers from the accompanying season, and called upon only for proposition on the most ideal approach to execute the decision reasonably.

He in like manner said the organization will give 20 percent stimulus on rice convey, as shown by an official explanation of the administration.

The priest said this at a between administrative assembling on steps taken to ensure sensible expense of rice to the farmers today at Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council meeting room.

Referencing that the green zone is making essential pledge to the country’s economy, Minister Abdur Razzak said the farmers will be benefitted if the rice could be gained from them honestly.

“The farmers create rice through a huge amount of industrious work and relinquishes. We can’t allow it to happen that the farmers are precluded from claiming sensible expense for their yield,” he said.

“Disregarding the way that the expense of rice is low on the planet publicize at this moment, still we have to go for rice exchange. If major, we would buy the rice from the farmers clearly and after that offer it effortlessly to the country’s destitute people,” the minister in like manner said.

“The organization is set up to envision any untoward situation over rice cost in the accompanying season,” he said.

He concentrated on that the cost of age must be united all down to make cultivation a productive undertaking.

The organization would give the farmers the significant equipment for planting and procuring rice, Minister Abdur Razzak included.

Talking at the get-together, Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumder said 40 lakh immense measures of rice was imported during the 2017 flood in Haor locales, which still remains in the market and in this way influenced the rice cost in the ebb and flow year’s Boro season.

He moreover prescribed to stop offering helper to Aus paddy improvement.

“The organization is making progress for unchanging response for extra the farmers. An entirety of 162 sustenance storerooms of point of confinement 7-8 lakh tons will be worked the country over,” the minister said.

He also referenced that the Ministry of Commerce has given underwriting for conveying 41,000 tons of rice.

The minister moreover stressed for completing dynamically amazing development for the headway of the agriculture territory.


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