Financial exchange’s greatest fall in two FYs


Stocks on Sunday saw the greatest single-day fall in 17 months as stressed speculators proceeded with their selling binge, dreading further fall.

DSEX, the prime record of the DSE, settled at 5,033, diving by 96.95 focuses or 1.88 percent.

It was the greatest single-day record fall in over 17 months since February 15, 2018. After the Sunday’s decrease, the DSEX likewise tumbled to 31 months low since December 28, 2016, when DSEX was 5,027.

Specialists opined that liquidity emergency and bungle in banking segment are to be faulted for this sharp fall in the stock trade advertise. Looking for obscurity one of the financial specialists of Dhaka securities exchange stated: “I have been confronting misfortune for last one and half years.

There is no business-accommodating condition in the market. I dread further misfortune in future.”


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