Eight race commission workers executed in Afghanistan


In any event eight race

commission workers were slaughtered in a Taliban assault in southern Afghanistan,

authorities said Sunday.

The Taliban utilized touchy filled vehicles to assault Maruf region focus

in southern Kandahar territory on Saturday night, Zabiullah Sadaat, an

Autonomous Election Commission (IEC) representative, told AFP.

“Sadly, eight workers of the commission who were positioned in the

government workplaces inside the area to enroll voters were executed,” he


Qasim Afghan, a Kandahar police representative, said some security powers were

likewise executed in the assault, and that interchanges with the focal point of the

area were cut off.

The Taliban guaranteed duty regarding the assault.

Afghanistan’s twice-deferred presidential decision is presently slated for

September 28, as the United States attempts to arrange a harmony manage the


On Saturday, Washington and the Taliban opened a crisp round of

dealings in Doha went for completion America’s longest war.

The Taliban likewise murdered at any rate 25 ace government minute men in an assault

in northern Afghanistan on Saturday.


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