Riders beneath least normal rating will lose access to Uber


The ridesharing administration has reported the standards in its refreshed network rules, as indicated by an announcement issued on Wednesday.

The updates go for “helping riders to remember the conduct expected of anybody utilizing the stage”, as indicated by the announcement.

“The refreshed Community Guidelines guarantee and energize shared responsibility on the stage, and will see a bunch of riders who, after a few warnings, fall underneath a base normal rating, lose access to the Uber application,” it said.

“This will energize shared responsibility since drivers have for quite some time been required to meet a base rating limit,” the announcement included.

“Despite the fact that a lion’s share of riders won’t be influenced by this update, it reminds a chosen few what conduct is anticipated from them while utilizing the application,” it cited Zulquar Quazi Islam, Lead, Uber Bangladesh, as saying.

Uber right now enables the two drivers and travelers to rate one another and share criticism in the application after each ride.


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